On site services


As you enter our site, you will be able to overlook the whole area from ‘’Paradise Peek’’. From that point, you’ll understand why we named it Paradise beach. As you make your way down the hill and to the beach, you’ll be greeted by one of the best beaches in all of Kos. You’ll particularly enjoy the calm, clear and blue waters Greece is known for. Furthermore, given that this part of the island is closest to the inactive volcano on the island of Nysiros, tourists of Paradise beach get to enjoy what we call ‘’bubble beach’’.

As you swim in the water you’ll be able to see tiny bubbles rising from the sand and slowly floating up as you chill in the water.
The beach is equipped with comfortable sunbeds and umbrellas. Our Beach Bar and Cantine both offer a great selection of drinks, cocktails, beers, sodas, and plenty of meal options to satisfy any appetite. For the coffee lover, a wonderful selection of hot and cold coffees from our experienced baristas.

Our wonderful variety of options will not disappoint and future enhancements are also planned for our full restaurant up the hill, so stay tuned.